Gluten Free Rainbow Cookies - 20 Pack
Gluten Free Rainbow Cookies - 20 Pack

Gluten Free Rainbow Cookies - 20 Pack

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This Gluten Free 20-piece pack is your classic rainbow cookie with the Zola Bakes twist! Our gluten free rainbow cookies consist of GF moist almond cake layered with raspberry jam, topped with an assortment of our signature white and dark chocolate drip and finished with a glitter and sprinkles.

This package serves 10 people and includes 20 Gluten-Free Raspberry Rainbow Cookies

  • Cookies are topped with dark & white chocolate drip, a dust of glitter, and our custom Zola Bakes sprinkle mix
  • Each cookie measures 1″ × 1.5″

*Cookies are made with gluten-free ingredients but are baked in a facility that also bakes wheat products

For best results, our cookies should be kept in the Zola Bakes custom box and consumed within 7-10 days of arrival. Our cookies can be kept at room temperature or in the refrigerator for a more chill experience.

Customer Reviews

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Jeffrey Hoffman

These were wonderful. Allowed gluten free members of family to enjoy along with rest. Would definitely buy again


These are delicious & fresh! Perfect for my gf family members to enjoy 😊

My universe is now complete.

Rainbow cookies are my absolute favorite food on the planet. I live in Maine where these don’t exists (I’ve looked!) but I used to get them every summer when we visit Long Island. After having to go gluten free for health reasons, the single food I mourned the most was rainbow cookies. After randomly coming across these in my instagram free I did a complete impulse buy and will never ever look back!!!! Thank you so much for thinking of the people with food allergies!! I know it takes a lot of extra effort and money and stress but we are so happy to have these!!!! tHANK YOU!!!

Monica Peterson
Biggest hit of the rehearsal dinner

Your attention to detail along with the best tasting rainbow cookies made our wedding rehearsal dinner top notch! I can not thank you enough for your prompt call(s) back and the great delivery schedule! I will definitely be ordering you again in the near future!!!!

Nat Macdonald
Delicious goodies

The tri-color cookies were delicious, beautifully packaged and enjoyed by our GF friends without any issues. Thanks for putting out such a delicious and safe GF product.

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